Run for Your Life in a 5k Zombie Apocalypse Obstacle Course

Zombies ©Bahman

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Thrill seekers get ready to Run for Your Lives in a new zombie-style obstacle race coming to cities across the US in 2012.

During this twisted race, the human participants are attacked by undead zombies while they try to complete the obstacle course. Don’t worry””the zombies don’t eat participants’ brains””they just remove flags from the participants’ waist belts, the flags represent the health and relative “aliveness” of the runners.

Run for Your Lives will include man-made challenges (12, to be exact) as well as tests of physical fitness. This obstacle course in particular will involve mud, water, climbing, crawling, ducking, diving, running, and maybe even blood, as you navigate through sewage systems and conquer uphill climbs to reach the finish line.

Each race concluded with an apocalypse party where participants can celebrate if they made it out alive””or party with the undead if they didn’t.

Find out when Run for Your Lives is coming to a city near you at Gadling.

  1. Every concept which was scared few years back now is being tried as an entertainment. Human psychology very difficult to understand

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