BottleKeeper Travel Beer Coozie
BottleKeeper Travel Beer Coozie

Road Trip Essentials: Protect Your Beer On-the-go with BottleKeeper

Our epic all-American road trip is still a year away. But, we’re stocking up now on plenty of gear essentials. “No time like the present” and all that, right?

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But what constitutes essential in the Vagabondish household? So far: The 6-disc Collected Works of Kajagoogoo, a shoebox full of stolen mini hotel soaps, and as much beer as the suspension of my 4Runner will allow. But the perennial bottled beer problems have long been: (1) how to keep it cold and (2) how to protect your bottle-of-the-moment from breaking (single tear).

Which is where the good folks at BottleKeeper come in. They were kind enough to send us a review sample. Never one to turn down a reason to day drink in a tax-deductible, I was happy to oblige.

The Skinny

What is BottleKeeper? It’s simple. It’s essentially a typical steel screw-top water bottle with a removable bottom. From here, you slide your beer bottle into the padded interior. All of which keeps your beer protected and (more importantly) cold.

Like so:

BottleKeeper Travel Beer Coozie

The Traveler’s Take

Practically speaking, there isn’t much to the BottleKeeper and that’s a good thing. It’s a simple, no-frills contraption that does exactly what it’s supposed to. The exterior is reminiscent of a Sigg water bottle – crafted from high-quality, lightweight stainless steel that’s designed to take a beating. The five available colors are bold and rich, almost like automotive paint, so they look great too.

On the inside, the neoprene lining (the same stuff dive suits are typically made from) keeps your beer ice cold for hours. The padding simultaneously protects your beer from breakage while you’re camping, tailgating, scaling El Capitan, or whatever boozy activities you’re into. We won’t judge. (Legal disclaimer: Just kidding. Don’t drink and rock climb, kids. That’s a joke. Products enlarged to show detail. Offer not valid in Micronesia. All rights reserved.)

BottleKeeper on the Beach

The design is well-thought-out with a neck that’s large enough to accommodate even the tallest 12-ounce bottles. Even if the top doesn’t close all the way — as is the case with some long-neck bottles — the smartly-designed threaded cap is tall enough to maintain a nice, tight seal.

Sure, your definition of “essential travel gear” may differ from ours. But, if you’re a beer-loving road-tripper, the BottleKeeper is a no-brainer.

Pricing + Availability

Available now in five colors (including Stainless, Blue, Pink, Green, or Red) and three sizes (12 oz Standard, 12 oz Stubby, and 22 oz Bomber) starting at $22 USD directly from

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