Preparing For My RTW Trip by Forgetting About It

It’s proving to be a long, hard road toward preparing myself for my upcoming RTW journey. I’m trying to balance the daily mental weight of constantly dreaming of far-away places; saving like a … well … like someone who saves a lot; and living an average, work-a-day existence with all the trappings and responsibilities of daily life: a job, bills, chores, errands, and remembering to shave.

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I just realized today that I haven’t blogged here since December, which begs the question: “When should one consider their blog dead?” Alas my one fair reader (yes, you in Topeka), Vagabondish was only on ice for a few months. I found the easiest way to prepare mentally for my trip was to forget about it altogether. At least temporarily. Sometime before Christmas, I put my head down and focused on working my arse off and making whatever money I could. Fortunately, I get all the paid overtime (and coffee) I can handle at my current job. Unfortunately, I work another 30-40 hours per week on my own websites on the side after work. And as Jack Nicholson taught us: “All work (on writing content for twenty-plus websites after having worked sixty hours staring at a laptop monitor at my day job and not taking enough coffee breaks so I can at least keep my eyes open after three o’clock when my blood sugar starts running low) and no play makes Mike a dull boy.” At least, I think that’s how the saying goes.

In any event, I’ve settled back into the mindset of a RTW traveler who needs to start prepping for his trip since it is next freakin’ May! As of today, March 19th, it’s exactly 430 days away. And since it’s almost spring now, I can only imagine the next three seasons will fly by just as quickly.

So I’m back in the groove. I’ve pimped Vagabondish with a new WordPress theme that I’m totally digging and I’m anxious to start writing about my upcoming travels and tribulations.

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