Polar A300 Fitness Watch and Activity Tracker (yellow)

Travel Fitness Gear: Polar A300 Fitness Watch and Activity Tracker

These days, it seems everyone and their granny is marketing their own fitness tracker. But one brand I’ve always liked — one that’s always stood — is Polar.

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Their product line runs the gamut from hardcore, professional fitness watches (like the V800 GPS Sport Watch) to prosumer-level activity trackers like the new A300 Fitness Watch.

Polar A300 Fitness Watch and Activity Tracker (yellow)

The primary goal of the A300 is to provide a single, wearable device that tracks daily activity, sleep (restful vs. restless), steps, and calories burned. While it’s not quite as full-featured as its bigger brothers, there’s still plenty to love about it, including:

  • Sends notifications to your wrist and smartphone when you have been inactive for too long
  • Offers daily personal activity goals and guidance on how to reach them
  • Provides motivation during training sessions by suggesting training targets and providing feedback on fitness benefits
  • Uses the Flow app (available free in App Store and Google Play) to offer more details on daily activity, training, and sleep including a monthly Diary and calorie expenditure
  • Pairs with Polar H7 heart rate sensor for accurate heart rate based training

Other things I really like about it are:

  • Waterproof housing (you’d think this would be a given, but many fitness trackers are merely water-resistant) means it’s plenty durable for frequent travelers
  • A big, bold easy-to-read display without a lot of superfluous numbers and icons
  • Add-on wristbands come in a rainbow of bold colors

For travelers who aren’t professional-level athletes or Red Bull stuntmen, it’s a perfect “just-right” solution for tracking fitness and activity levels.

Pricing + Availability

Available now from Polar.com for $139.95 (USD). Additional unique colored wristbands also available in Charcoal Black, Powder White, Sorbet Pink, Indigo Blue, Mellow Yellow, and Storm Gray.

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