Pisa, Italy Bans Erotic Souvenirs

Pisa Tower © B a m s h a d

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Those looking to stock on up their phallic-themed renaissance trinkets will have to look beyond the city limits of Pisa, Italy. The town, famous for its leaning tower, has banned all erotic souvenirs and imposed a fine of up to $700 on shopkeepers caught selling inappropriate items.

Mayor Marco Filippeschi calls the souvenirs “trashy” and “not the image of the city we want to cultivate,” he said, adding: “This material is offensive to public decorum and should be banned from souvenir stalls ”” people with young families should not have to see these shocking items.”

Suggestions for Pisa’s new tourism slogan? How about “Pisa: Where the souvenirs are frigid and the tower can’t stand erect.”

Get the rest of the story at MSNBC.

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