Photo of the Moment: Light Boy at Bauddha, Nepal

Light Boy at Bauddha, Nepal
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In the photographer’s words:

He is a prayer lamp seller at Bauddha Stupa. Wearing his cute smile, he was asking everyone around to buy his lamps. He was free, frank and a no-more-stranger boy, completely different form the ”˜cute stranger’ of his age that I met on the way to Chisapani. Is this difference just because of exposure to dissimilar societies or there is something else more?

Founding Editor
  1. I love this photo. I wish I’d taken more people photos on my trip. I never found the right way to go about it.

    Sometimes I’d ask but the person inevitably changes the way they look/act because I am then taking a photo. Sometimes they ask for money in return (holy man I tried to sneak a pic of in Kathmandu).

    If I recall, taking photos of kids didn’t require the question, and usually the only thing they sought in return was to view the digital image. :)

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