Paris’s Hidden Museums

The Wine Museum ©Nico Paix

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The Louvre. Musee d’Orsay. The Pompidou Center. Paris certainly packs a punch when it come to world-class museums, but if you are a traveler looking to explore a museum off a beaten path Paris certainly doesn’t disappoint.

in an article for Gadling David Farley writes about the hidden museums of Paris,

…almost 200 museums-both plus-sized and petite, illustrious and obscure-are sprinkled throughout the French capital, featuring everything from Picasso to Edith Piaf, submarines to sewers, eyeglasses to medical implements.

One of the museums is the Baccarat Museum, which is home to a priceless collection of Baccarat crystal and one of the best restaurants in Paris.

There is also the Musée Dupuytren which exhibits anatomical oddities. Founded by famed 19th-century surgeon, Baron Guillaume Dupuytren, this “freak show” boasts deformed skeletons, mongoloid infants, and formaldehyde-preserved conjoined animals.

It seems that the museums of Paris have much more to offer than DaVinci, Monet, and Picasso.

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