Outbounding.org: Your New Antidote to Lousy Travel Content

In the past five years, the web has literally (OK, not literally) exploded with travel blogs, websites and social media outlets claiming to bring you THE BEST in travel news, tips and advice. But most simply aren’t delivering.

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Fortunately, after several months in beta, friend of Vagabondish Matthew Barker has joined forces with the best of the best travel bloggers and media sources to bring you the best in travel-related content. Behold: Outbounding.org.

The design is dead simple with a user interface that borrows quite a bit from Digg (remember them?). The aim here is to rely heavily on crowd-sourcing and a bit of editorial intervention to weed out [ahem] crappy travel stories that most people simply aren’t interested in. Great stories are voted up, while not-so-great stories and outright spam are voted down or simply removed from the site.

Barker notes:

The project is an attempt to tackle the noise and garbage that prevents us from finding and enjoying high value travel content on the web. There is plenty of useful, entertaining and inspiring content out there but discovering the good stuff is increasingly difficult thanks to all the junk that gets in the way.

OutBounding.org is our solution to that problem. We’re trying to filter and organise excellent travel content in a way that is useful for travellers.

This is important to me on a personal level. Not just because I work in the travel business and spend a lot of time on the road, but because I care deeply about the people and organisations that take the time and effort to produce high value content.

We’ve been tooling around with Outbounding for several months now. Thus far, it’s delivering on everything it’s promised with no sign of slowing down. It’s finally opened this week to the public. Check it out now for free: Outbounding.org!

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