Orbitz.com Now Offering Rental Properties

Many us need a little more than a hostel or a tent if we’re planning on bedding down in a spot for a little while. Instead of running up a hotel bill for a month or two in Buenos Aires, living off of cheap cafe food, why not rent a vacation apartment and cook your own meals?

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Orbitz is now offering vacation rental listings, a service traditionally reserved for local advertising and Penny Saver weeklies. This provides a new comfort for those of us who plan on lingering after reaching a crucial backpacking destination: Booking a place before you get there. Rather than struggling to find a bed when you get there, you can make sure it is waiting for you months in advance!

With the same benefits and information offered from regular Orbitz searching, the rental property service is a fantastic addition to an already-robust service. Plenty of pictures of all of the different search options are available and there is plenty to read about most of the properties. This is refreshing and definitely something I’m welcoming, because not a lot sounds better than a prolonged, relaxing insurgency in a foreign country from a fine property I don’t hold any real responsibility for.


  1. Great Post,
    I think home swapping is a great idea. I’ll have to consider using it when we travel. Those 5 star hotels are getting expensive :)
    Keep the posts coming.

  2. We vacationed in Italy this summer, with a one week agriturismo farmhouse apartment rental and a week of two star hotels. They’re all very expensive, especially with a low dollar currency value!

    I’ve been asking around and know at least two families who’ve had good-to-excellent experiences with house swapping vacations. I’m going to give that option serious thought for future trips.

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