On Travel Writing

Are you a writer and a traveler? Have you read Thomas Spurling’s post On Travel Writing? If not, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

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Read no further if you’d rather I not spoil the ending for you:

Travel is nothing like writing. Anyone can write, and anyone can travel. These days you can fly to Ireland from Italy for twelve bucks fifty, and blog round the world for free. But travel writing will forever be the ‘middle-man’ of literature, for the best travelers rarely write, and the best writers rarely travel. But we both need the other to inform our own lives, to help us to stay or to go.

From a writing perspective, I’m not even sure I know what a dangling participle is. From a travel perspective, I’m only globe trotting in my head. So where does that leave me? Dreaming and full of prose, I suppose.

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