No Sushi for You!

Now this is just wrong. WorldHum is reporting on Japan’s latest sushi crisis:

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… given fishing limits and international demand for sushi, the country can’t get enough tuna. Martin Fackler writes in the New York Times that Japan has fallen into a “national panic,” with news programs devoting much airtime to the crisis. In Japanese sushi bars, the search is on for replacements. “At nicer restaurants, sushi chefs began experimenting with substitutes, from cheaper varieties of fish to terrestrial alternatives and even, heaven forbid, American sushi variations like avocado rolls,” Fackler writes.

“Replacements”? I don’t want replacements! Perhaps I should call ahead now to make sure I reserve enough sushi for myself when I roll into Tokyo two or three years hence? The culinary nerd in me is going to be mighty PO’d if I arrive to find a sushi-less Japan.

Though, since technically the word “sushi” refers to the rice, and not the fish, I suppose they could put Cap’n Crunch in there and still skate by on the technicality. The horror!

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