New Site Is Like Airbnb, But Hornier

© Quinn Dombrowski

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A new accommodation rental site is hitting the market and it offers an amenity not found on other sites where you might have booked holiday rentals in the past. Loveroom was launched by a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and matches guests and hosts based on looks.

Apparently there are a lot of horny people out there who are not having their needs met by other sites. Loveroom “gives single people who travel a place where they might find love – or sex¨ says the site’s founder. Loveroom allows hosts and guests to search by age, gender and sexual preference. Once users find each other on the site it is up to them to negotiate the details of accommodation, and any associated, er, benefits.

Since Airbnb already faces legal hassles, I can scarcely imagine the qualms regulators may have with this new business model.

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