Motrr Galileo Robotic Motion Control Dock for iPhone

Motrr Galileo: The Raddest GoPro Accessory for Travel Photographers + Videographers

It’s rare that we see anything truly new and unique these days for our ongoing Modern Vagabond travel gear column. Which is why the Motrr Galileo really stands out.

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I’m not even sure how to describe it, except to say that: if you’re a travel photographer/videographer, you definitely want one. Even if you don’t know it yet.

Motrr Galileo Robotic Motion Control Dock for iPhone

Motrr describes the Galileo as an app-controlled, robotic motion dock. Features include:

  • One-touch Panoramas: With the Sphere app and Galileo you are one tap away from beautiful, multi-exposure spherical panoramas.
  • Automatic Face Tracking: With the Videography app and Galileo you can record video while automatically tracking a person using face/motion/color detection.
  • Pan/Tile Time-lapse: With the IguanaLapse app and Galileo you can build a recording path using keyframes to create dynamic and repeatable time-lapse sequences.
  • Remote Monitoring: With the AirBeam app and Galileo you can turn your iOS device into a real-time audio and video surveillance system with remote control over the orientation of the camera.
  • Compatibility: For iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, and iPod 5. Requires iOS 7. Works in landscape or portrait orientation.

But wait: there’s more! The really exciting part is that, while it’s previously only been available for the iPhone, it now offers GoPro compatibility too (specifically: GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero3+ and GoPro Hero4). There’s literally nothing else like it on the market. It’s a phenomenal product for budding videographers and allows for truly professional-grade videos and effects for less than $200 USD.

Check it out in action:

Galileo: App-controlled Robotic Dock for iPhone, GoPro, and more from Motrr on Vimeo.

… and this sexy time-lapse of Hong Kong:

Pricing + Availability

Available now in Black or White for around $150 (USD) directly through the motrr store.

Founding Editor
  1. This is awesome! The only thing is that you could save yourself the money and just ask someone else to take the photo most of the time…

    May have to keep this in mind for Christmas!

    – The Couple

    1. Ah – that’s very true!

      Although I like the nice, smooth tilt/pan effects the Galileo provides. They really do add some serious professional touches to the video!

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