Motrr Galileo

Motrr Galileo: A Clever New iOS Device for Creative Travel Photography, Video and More

Motrr Galileo

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These days, it’s rare for us here at Vagabondish HQ to stumble upon a truly new and unique travel gadget. Yet the new Galileo by Motrr is in a category all its own. Frankly, we’re not even sure how to classify it.

What it does is quite simple – it allows you to “rotate an iPhone or iPod Touch in any direction, from anywhere in the world.”

Great, but why would you want to do this? Well, it opens up a whole slew of possible applications, including:

  • Swipe around to explore live video of any remote environment (for video conferencing, home security or checking up on the kids back home)
  • Motrr assures us that developers are hard at work creating new and exciting apps to take full advantage of Galileo’s unique functionality
  • Spherical photography. With Galileo and Spherical, Inc.’s free Sphere app, you can create beautiful, multi-exposure spherical travel panoramas. Like so:

A sample Sphere for your perusal:

And that, as the say, is just the beginning …

The features are impressive, particularly for travel photographers and videographers:

  • Provides infinite spherical rotation capability for photography, cinematography, video chatting/conferencing, social networking, baby monitoring, remote learning and more
  • Features 360° panning and tilting rotation; 200° per second pan-and-tilt speeds
  • Remotely controlled from your iPad, iPhone or web browser
  • Can be mounted on any tripod, acts as a charging station for your iPhone or iPod and features a rechargeable lithium polymer battery

Pricing + Availability

Available now in black or white for around $120 (USD) from (aff).

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