Mophie Knox iPod Hard Case/Wallet

Mophie Relo Knox iPod Hard Case/Wallet [Gear Review]

Mophie Knox iPod Hard Case/Wallet

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I’m a flashpacker. I love gadgets. But I’m also a hardcore minimalist traveler so I don’t just like toys for the sake of having toys. Save for the shower though, there are two things always on my person when I travel: wallet and iPod.

The Mophie Relo Knox hard case provides a sleek, fold-out design with a magnetic enclosure. It securely stores your iPod Nano (2G model) and provides an expandable money clip to hold a sizable amount of cash, credit cards, blackmail photos of your ex, etc.

In Short

After two weeks of using the Knox, I can say it’s a great case and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Recommended.


  • Solid, sleek design
  • Relatively slim form factor provides an all-in-one spot for your essentials
  • Money clip offers just the right amount of tension
  • “Play-thru” design allows you to keep the case closed while still rockin’ out


  • Price – iPod accessories are notoriously expensive, but seriously: $50 for a case?
  • Aluminum exterior is prone to scratching

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