Million Dollar Vacation Package Available in Abu Dhabi

Backpackers aren’t likely scrambling to come up with the funds for a million dollar luxury trip package at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, but two unidentified Arab men have already booked the package for themselves.

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The package includes a first class flight from anywhere in the world straight to the hotel, where residents will be treated to 24 hour amenities like butler and car services. With 12 restaurants to choose from, high-rolling residents will have luxury dining options available any time they wish to eat. Private jet services will charter travelers to various Middle Eastern countries for activities like pearl diving, custom rug and perfume creation, spa treatments, deep sea fishing, and golf.

Obviously billed as one of the most expensive vacation packages in history, the hotel’s website had this to say for patrons unsure of spending a million dollars for a week-long getaway: “No expense is spared during the week. The stunning grandeur of one of the most expensive hotels ever built demands ultra-luxury offerings for its guests, including unrivalled (sic) facilities and incredible tailor made designer packages. The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, exceeds all expectations.”

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