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Airport Security
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Just when you thought airport security couldn’t get any more fun, industry experts are predicting that in the near future we’ll all have to shuffle around in hospital gowns while being herded into pre-arranged lines depending on how the TSA has pre-labeled us. MSNBC looked at a number of different types of security “improvements” that insiders say represent the future:

In June, the International Air Transport Association unveiled a mockup of the idea ”” three sensor-lined tunnels that divide passengers into high, medium and low risks.

The best part is the picture, in which a huge sign over the middle line labels all who come before it officially “normal.” Yes, the TSA of the future will not only be able to assess your risk factor, but your general adherence to social norms as well. But there’s more:

If tomorrow’s security tools can’t pluck bad guys out of the traveling crowds, iJet’s Daly imagines security screenings that force fliers to swap their street clothes “for an assigned, simple outfit ”” not a gown, per se, but maybe a one-piece suit and sandals.” Travelers also may be banned from toting anything onboard “that could be adulterated, altered and weaponized.”

But how will the airport Hare Krishnas be able to distinguish themselves?

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