Man vs. Wild’s Bear Grylls A Fraud?

This is disheartening to say the least. Jaunted points us to a NY Post article revealing that much of what’s seen on The Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild is staged:

“Discovery Communications has learned that isolated elements of the ‘Man vs. Wild’ show in some episodes were not natural to the environment, and that for health and safety concerns the crew and host received some survival assistance while in the field,” a spokeswoman for the network said.

“Moving forward the program will be 100 percent transparent and all elements of the filming will be explained up-front to our viewers.”

It goes into detail:

In another instance, where Grylls was supposed to be surviving on a desert island, he was actually in Hawaii and spent nights at a motel, Weinert said.

The same episode had Grylls building a Polynesian-style raft using only materials around him, including bamboo, hibiscus twine and palm leaves for a sail. Weinert said he actually led a team of builders to construct the raft.

It was then taken apart so that Grylls could be shown building it on camera.

I like to think The Discovery Channel runs a more legitimate game than, say, Fox or NBC and that their programming is above the reality TV and sitcom drivel of network television. Perhaps I’m a bit naive.

They appear to be leaving this claim in limbo, as though it’s “under investigation”, but the quotes and interviews given in the Post’s piece seem pretty cut and dry to me.

I’m sure some will argue that “Hey, it’s just TV. What do you expect?”. But, for me, this is completely disingenuous. I don’t watch much television anymore and it’s a bit of a slap in the face to have the curtain pulled back on a show that I do enjoy to reveal that it’s largely bogus.

I know there are some Man vs. Wild fans among my readership. What do you all think?

Founding Editor
  1. Thanks for this post. It does suck to hear some of these realities, however to a certain degree it seems reasonable that he have medical support in the field. I’m always most impressed by his ability to free climb up and down cliffs and rocks without ropes. Sometimes I’ve wondered if the way the scenes are edited reflect some extra help.

    I’ve given Bear the benefit of the doubt though. There’s not much faking going on when he drinks his own urine, or squeezes water from elephant dung into his mouth.

    BTW – a new season of Survivorman starts in about two weeks. Les Stroud takes his own cameras (supposedly) on his 7 day adventures. He doesn’t climb cliffs, and seems a bit more realistic in his endeavors.

  2. With a show like this someone was going to make these accusations eventually. There is probably some truth to them, we all know television isn’t always like what they would like us to think it is. Hopefully this means we’ll learn more about the shooting of the show and confidence will be renewed. I imagine if it is all true it could mean the end of the show.

  3. Its my understanding that the Post is tabloid-ish so taking this article with the provrbial grain of sand isn’t a bad idea. And i have to beleive that the author of the article has a bone to pick with someone because I cannot imagine a happily employed person trashing his employers in this way.
    And its is possible to be on a desert island and still be in Hawaii-in fact either on the “Man vs Wild” site or the M vs W board at IMDB “they” say they filmed in Hawaii.
    I don’t really care that Bear has medics on site and/or enlists the help of experts. It never occured to me that he didn’t. I mean why would a guy from the British Special Forces be trained in how to survive in the Everglades?

  4. I don’t necessarily have a problem with Bear having medics on staff or him taking jacuzzi baths at the Westin Honolulu. My main issue is that we’re led to believe otherwise.

    It’s clear that the producers would like us to think that he’s spending all night in a tree hammock in the Florida Everglades, et. al., while apparently this is not the case.

    I think the show’s biggest problem is that Survivorman came out first and set the bar quite high. Les Stroud proves that it’s possible to survive the Arctic, the Sahara desert, etc. completely by himself. Man vs. Wild gives us the illusion that Bear is essentially in the same situation. He does admit to being tailed by a camera crew, but I’ve also heard him say several times in season one that he wasn’t “allowed” to interact with them in any way. If the above accusations are true, then this “rule” is clearly bogus.

    I haven’t written the show off completely but it’s still a bit disheartening. You’re right, Tracee – the Post is tabloidish, so we’ll wait and see.

  5. Although I pretty much assumed Bear had emergency food/water stored away in his bag, the fact that he didn’t contruct that raft by himself was a shock. I still look upon Bear as being a pretty legimate survival expert, you can tell when he explains each plant/animal he comes upon that he does know his shit. However, the constant overexxagerations of impending danger was a bit much to take, but expected of a survival show. It will be hard to ever look at this show in the same way, and unless Bear can prove beyond reasonable doubt that this wil not occur again, he may be shunned forever. Even if this occurs, there is always behind the scenes activites that we will never know about, and some people no doubt will never trust what Bear says anymore. I really wanted to believe all of what i saw on that show was real, that someone really could survive in extreme conditions with nothing but a flint, knife, and some water. Sadly though, everything is not always as it seems, especially on TV.

  6. I’ve no doubt that Bear is a badass survivalist – he was in the British Special Forces, he climbed Everest, and he has several world records in extreme sporting. I think that’s what makes this whole flap even more disheartening – the fact that he could survive out there by roughing it as depicted in the show, yet he doesn’t.

    Les Stroud does it, so it obviously can be done.

  7. First i think Les Stroud and his show are not near as good as Man V Wild. I am a big fan and I have every episode. Of course he has a medical crew and of course he has to do alot of studying about his upcoming surroundings including talking to experts about the area I mean who knows all the stuff he knows about everything everywherek, no one.Dan is right a show like this is going to have people doubt it and bash it. I m hear to tell you Bear is a beast weather he was hungry or not he ate a snake raw and plenty of other great stuff, hes a great climber and seems very smart. I promise if i was stranded somewhere Bear would be the first person i wanted to be there way before les. Oh and anyone les, Bear or anyone who has this kind of job, if you didnt take medical help, and extra provisions you would be an idiot they are making a fortune no reason to risk it. At least bear told me the crew was around if you dont think les’s crew is around your an idiot. I have watched with my roommate and when les supposely set the camera up and was walking back of course the camera was moving and following him moving and of course a tripod does that. it is just t.v. and meant to be educational and to me it is who ever knew you could crush a plant put it in the water and kill fish not me. I hope some of this is not true and im pretty sure some is and some isnt.

  8. Well, if you guys have noticed like I have, the credits pretty much gave away, at least subtly that Grylls was not the all-around expert in his crazy adventures.

    If you look closely, it specifically shows the names of people that were the survival experts, camera crew, medical staff, etc. At first glance of the show, it looks like he’s doing it all on his own, but then I’ve come to realize he’s just physically fit to endure the physical aspects of the travels, then the experts come in and either explain what to do, or do stuff for him and Grylls HOSTs the tricks of the trade.

    I don’t get why they’re making such a big deal; clearly the accusers don’t have enough common sense to piece it together in their head.


  10. The show is pure entertainment. I love it. Who cares if he wears a life jacket going down white water rapids, it’s still him in the water is it not? He clearly performs all his own “stunts” who cares if there is emergency personnel standing by in case of an accident? I would be concerned if there wasn’t, this is for entertainment purposes after all, obviously he’s not really stranded at these locations. Why be mad over what is clearly a show meant to entertain and educate? I’m still a huge fan and will be watching every episode.

  11. Whether Bear sleeps in hotels and etc. is irrelavant. The purpose of the show is to teach viewers how to stay alive in the wilderness. Bear gives us, with the help of experts, important information and tips on survival. Plus, Bear Grylls is so hot which makes it very entertaing.

  12. hey all of you, is there anyone here wanna challenge bear grylls for survival in the Philippines? who would like to bet???? well see if who could stand the dangerous rainforest with thousands of dangerous creatures like the king cobra and the banakon….

  13. Do these critics even pay attention to the show?
    Hello do you not hear him speaking at the begining of the show?
    Do you not read the credits and such at all?
    Firstly, Bear introduces where he’s going and he says that his camera crew is coming along.Then after every commerical it tells you that medics and such do come along with him.

    What’s the big deal anyway.
    Nowhere does he take complete credit or say that he goes on these journeys alone.
    Like people have previously said, he’s not expected to just fall out of the sky to some random location and just survive.

    The show teaches you that you should in fact research where you are going before you go.
    What fool would walk into his enemies house with no knowledge of his capabilities.
    The point of the show is to teach survial techniques, let’s keep unintellegent accusations out of this.

    Listen and learn how to read.
    It’s all clear, not to mention common sense.

  14. Bear Grylls is a legend, he is a God and deserves the upmost respect from EVERYONE!!!
    I love the guy i mean he has his own religion its called “Grylltolocism”

    All Hail Bear!!!

  15. Who cares. He still has a bunch of good info. I have no doubts that he could survive in real life.

    The show is entertaining. Anyone who thought he made it without support is a fool.

  16. O.k. I think the media has an absolute field day with stuff like this, and to be honest, if the worst thing that Bear has done is spend a night in a hotel room when he should have been surviving in Hawaii then really worse things could happen.

    I definately wouldnt be able to do anything that he does, climb everest, eat live frogs and can build little snow caves, So who cares if actually he isn’t 100% out there alone or whatever, its good TV and he seems like a genuinelly good guy and at the end of the day if you were stuck in that situation, then you would try everything he has said which might actually just save ur life!!
    Gawd people, Come on, hes a hero and some people are just jealous ;)

  17. The show doesn’t teach though. It gives absolutely bad advice. Drinking your own urine is NEVER NEVER recommended for example.

  18. Bear Grylls is good in survival but do you think he really want surviving outside his home?
    According to him “its pretty disgusting but it can save your life:. Drink your pee and squeeze some elephant dung… its pretty horrible….

  19. He’s not a fraud. Read up on him.

    The show may not have been disclosing everything, but McDonald’s didn’t disclose that coffee was hot until some chick spilled it on herself.

    The show is selling entertainment. Get use to it. It does have a few helpful hints from time to time.

  20. who cares if he sleeps some were else you cant fake killing and alligator, and he still is in crazy weather conditions.

    lets see you guys do even what is “supposively” real

  21. i dont think hes a fraud he shows u how to survive y would he make a show to show you how to survive if hes trying really to get u killed

  22. Bear Grylls is the most extraordinary person I have come across in my life and I love watching his tremendous skills in Man vs wild watching those amazing activities done by is thrilling but equaly dangerous too I dont think he gets the required assistance in doing those activities

  23. Real survival is boring. Bear is an entertainer. That’s why he runs through the woods, jumps off cliffs, rappel’s into glaciers, eat raw meat, etc. It has nothing to do with survival. Acting like that in a real survival situation would be suicide.

  24. p.s. Drinking from dung = suicide. Running from a bear = suicide. Drinking your pee = might help you for a day… if it’s your last day to live… but not recommended.

  25. Put himself in real danger would be dumb. From the very first chapter is clear for the average intelligence that many things would be slightly faked. He gives advises on how to increase your probabilities of survive, not to make it 100% safe. For example, when he is at an iced lake, he always jumps in just to show how to survive. If he was being real, he would avoid it and continue walking. The same goes to quicksands.

    BTW, Les Stroud is also acussed of fraud.

  26. i think he is simply a cheater,he makes fool of people and people r foolish who used to watch him.

  27. Heard a lot of accusations abt Bear…but it take balls to be in his shoes..who here got the balls to grab a viper and eat it…knows how to make a forest fire with nautre’s elements..not too many…and abt drinking your own urine…well its recommeneded that you drink your own urine for upto 3 times before it gets too toxic..there you go…unless you got some kinda STD’s good luck mate…well i just want make it clear that Bear is awwesome and entertaining and educating…well that’s all televeision is abt right..who cares if he sleeps on a hotel and eat pancakes for breakfast..

  28. To some extent, yes. He’s a fraud. And to some extent, yes. They admit that. These situations are “set up” so he can demonstrate “proper” survival technique. That, to me, is no problem. There are liability issues with putting him in any real danger, etc, etc…

    But…. (and this is a HUGE, HUGE BUT) I am trained in cold-weather survival and i was very, very concerned with some of the advice and stunts he did on his “arctic circle” adventure. Most of what he suggested is dangerous and completely counter-survivalist. For example, running in very cold weather is the worst thing you can do if you’re not used to the environment. Running heats you up. The heat between your body and clothing will be quite high, the heat outside is very low. And this will cause you to sweat. Once you sweat in -40 temperatures, it will freeze very, very quickly which can cause hypothermia but at the very least, produces feelings of extreme discomfort.

    If you have been immersed in cold water, especially fully clothed, NEVER EVER keep moving. Immediately strip, build a fire if possible. Its absolutely imperative you get out of your wet clothing instantly or it will freeze. It provides no protection, and can actually harm you, when wet.

    I noticed he never once covered his head or face, whether wet or dry. Which, in arctic and even sub-arctic temperatures, is absolutely mandatory. You lose most of your body heat through your head and sides/trunk and those places must be protected.

    I also didn’t like how his first concern was FOOD. When in the arctic, your first and foremost concern is SHELTER, followed by FIRE. Food is actually something you can do without for quite some time.

    But… something else i noticed… He was not showing the EFFECTS, The biological effects, of extreme cold. Not ONCE did i see a red nose, red cheeks, anything to indicate exposure to extreme cold. His pace and posture were not indicative of an extremely cold person. And most bizarrely, there was absolutely no breath condensation when he spoke or breathed. Which is, no matter how tough you are, simply impossible in the conditions he claimed to be in. No condensation means no cold. Quite simply.

    That episode was proof enough for me that most of this is staged.

  29. and trust me, I know this cold. They say when you spit, it is ice before it hits the ground. Which is fairly accurate. So judge for yourselves. Watch the arctic episode and ask yourself critically: Does this look like a guy in conditions that i’ve just described? Really?


  31. I am amazed at most of these comments. I like watching it, it is 100% entertainment. I like seeing what disgusting stuff he will eat to get a paycheck and laugh at him. The only problem I have is that someone will follow his advice in a real survival situation and kill themselves. In almost every situation he takes the highest risk choice … makes better tv, but lowers your survival odds in a real situation. Choosing to descend cliffs on vines, jump off waterfalls into unknown waters, going into “unknown” underground caves with no light backup, going into crevasses in galciers, jumping into freezing waters and unknown rapids to save some time. All of these go against established survival procedures and lessen your chance of surviving the real thing.

    Like I said, I enjoy the show. But be very careful following his advice in a real survival situation.

  32. I absoultely love the Man vs Wild show, and I think that it is ignorant to call Bear Grylls a fraud. He loves being outdoors and he is very passionate about teaching his views on how to survive in the extreme conditions our planet has to offer. Regarding the disclaimer at the begining of the show: I think that it is perfectly reasonable for him to have some situations “set up” or “staged” as some people like to call it. For example in his Alabama episode, Bear addmitted that a farmer had brought out a wild boar and placed in in the area that Bear was supposed to be surviving in. In Alabama, coming across a wild boar is something that could happen when surviving in the wild, and Bear wanted to make sure that his viewers would know what to do if that situation presented itself. Obviously there are parts of the show that give no survival information or advice at all, some parts are just for pure entertainment. For instance in his recent Big Sky Country (Montana) Episode, Bear came across a 200 foot high railroad bridge. Of course for entertainment purposes Bear free climbs the brigde, and at one point he even flirts with death. This just shows the true test of skill that Bear has. Of course if a normal person found that railroad brigde while lost by themself, there is no way that they would climb it since there is a high percent change they will end up dead. Bear’s show really proves his strength and skill while also teaching us to survive, of course somethings that he does is completely ill advised for a normal person to attempt and for pure entertainment.

    On the topic of “Man vs. Wild” vs “Survivorman” I think that they are two totally different shows. If you want more action and flash and some education about survival watch “Man vs. Wild” If you want to see more pure survival and less flash, with someone that is totally alone, watch Les Stroud do his thing in “Surviorman” Either way they are both great shows. Of course being an adrenaline junkie myself I prefer “Man vs Wild”

  33. Listen…I have my own show here in Hawaii called Waydes World Poor Man’s guide to Hawaii and I can tell you BEAR is full of it…I have been watching this faker for a while and no longer watch him today….big difference between Man vs Wild and Survivorman…I shoot all my own work all over the island mostly alone and only have guests from time to time on the show. If I make a mistake I pay for it…and I have made a few, several times hurting myself and one time almost killing myself. If it was really ‘MAN vs WILD…he may be dead today. It’s no surprise BEAR is getting help…I don’t really have a problem with that…It’s the fact that he is truly not ruffing it and the fact that he makes us feel like he is in danger when he is never in danger of anything. On top of this him and his crew will lie and plant things in the vids to make us think he is in danger…Talking about HAWAII…DID YOU SEE his episode on going to the BIG ISLAND and walking on LAVA, there was no lava where he was, it was all fake from the smoke to the glowing coals burning and glowing in the OLD lava cracks that must had been burning for an hour at least before the video could shoot…Jumping onto a LAVA bridge that was made to look dangerous when it was harmless and his FEET catching FIRE…if his feet was catching fire like they did in the show he would have been dead because the lava would have still been soft. He was walking on OLD SOLID BLACK LAVA…BEAR, how could you…Putting a flammable liquid on your shoes to set them on Fire for dramatic looks at will? ALL of this was STAGED! I have been to the big island and walked near a real LAVA flow…Unlike this faker, me and others know what this is like in Hawaii. What he did in this show was just…embarrassing…Disgraceful!

  34. My problem with the show is not (necessarily) the fact that his environments/activities are staged, but rather that Man vs. Wild presents stupidly dangerous things done in the wild as “survival methods”. Bear Grylls (or his expert consultant’s) “survival” methods are in many cases “rapid suicide” methods. I’ve seen a dozen shows and almost all of them present “the wrongest thing you might want to consider doing while in the wild”. And I’m no survival expert, just an average joe who’s been outdoors a bit… I mean, its like a *parody* of survival techniques. Example episode:


    “”Ah! Look, I’ve wandered into a dead end on a glacier. Hmm. I guess I’ll *lower myself into a crevasse* and hope I can (by total luck) find a direct route out*. Even though there’s a far more likely chance that I will simply get trapped and be unable to retreat and suffer a miserable death trapped in an icepit. But PRESTO… I have escaped. Magic of TV! Now – even though one the most likely risks of death in this environment is hypothermia due to large temperature shifts between day and night, what I’ll do now is 1) slide down a steep scree slope, tearing up my raingear for no apparent reason, then 2) jump into a raging, freezing, mountain river. Of course I have no way to warm up now, because rather than focus on any kind of self-preservation I’ve been putting myself into unnecessarily dangerous situations. No worries! I’m magically dry now and already have a fire, which I’ll use to *patch holes in a canoe I just happened to find*. (Yes, really)… First task now that I’ve magically repaired this boat in minutes? Food? Shelter? Signaling? Doing some reconnoitering of the river? NO! I will blindly send myself down a rapid that I could easily have seen coming, or scouted around. Whoops! In the water again! To be expected, probably. Whilst I should be injured, I’m magically dry again, and have now *found a cave I think we should explore*! Yes! Lets get lost in a dark, freezing cold place with basically zero resources together!”

    Seriously, watch this thing again and just laugh… Many other episodes are the same. When he’s not poisoning himself eating silly stuff, he’s leaping around like a fairy with magical powers that exclude him from the laws of nature. You know what the best technique for *walking across lava flows* is, Bear? NOT WALKING ACROSS LAVA FLOWS. The fact that the flows were dead and presented no danger and were staged is irrelevant to the point of his antics: He presents Very Bad Decisions as a basic “survival technique”. I’d be surprised if his show doesnt have a body count already from fans who apply his methods of fieldcraft.

    I think enjoy the show most when I imagine that a secret lab has cloned HUNDREDS of copies of Bear Grylls, and keeps sending them to die repeatedly in every environment on earth.

  35. Siberia:

    “Or, when something freezes to your skin, just pee on it!”

    Survival expert?

    “one slip could be fatal!”

    (shots of him jumping like spiderman around rocks sliding – ‘glissading’ – haphazardly)

    Its like the goal is to induce other people to do Really Stupid Things.

    “You’ve got to refuel to stay alive!”

    Eats beetles.

    ‘You need twice as many calories in the cold just to maintain your core temperature..” (true)

    Eats a sweet.

    “but now I need protection from the weather!”

    Finds a cave. A cave?

    “You dont want to fight with predators”

    Alright, whatever interest I had in this guy’s survival has dropped to nil. I want to see him be eaten by bears ASAP. Seriously, who watches this show with any small degree of serious interest? Its comedy.

  36. I agree with Gilmore he does do unnecessary things he doesnt reroute and eats more than he can chew. With Steve Irwin he antagonize animals but he didn’t kill them.
    With Bear Grylls he doesnt have remorse for killing animals or show sympathy and he sometimes he eats them alive and then desecrates the remains. Like the skunk incident where his jumping up and down on it .

  37. I think we all need to remmember that Bear Grylls has done some great things besides the tv series ManVs Wild.

  38. He is British special forces. As close to a real James Bond you are gonna get! By the way unnecessary things? Being out in the desert, jungle, and wherever else is unnecessary! Putting someone out there trying to survive when they could be sitting on the couch is unnecessary! If you think the entire show is unnecessary why bother to watch it? Some people! Bear is 007!

  39. Dude would you STOP hating? do you expect this guy to SLEEP in a damn jungle with sound crew, video crew and what not? Its just not possible of a task to carry on… its a damn SHOW with countless people.

    One thing you DONT understand… IS…. that the whole trivia and entire meaning of the show is to give US the viewer “TIPS” of survival fake or real we LEARN tons of tactics.. The show isnt a way of SHOWING YOU dumbass if he can survive and have his crew sleep on rocks for you to watch.

  40. Its quite interesting to see ppl fight on a TV show. :)

    Personally I am a fan of the program, not because of Mr Gryls but because of the portray of survival tricks.

    Being into adventure sports for some time, I dont feel that whatever they show is practically possible in those situations. Isnt it better if we treat the show as a quick 101 lesson of survival tricks, especially for those who are not that adventurous in nature but vulnerable to fall into a situation.

    So, I dont care if it shot in Hawaii or in Central Park NYC (kidding), till it gets the message right I would support it. What they can do at most is, add an caution statement like – in reality things would be 500% more difficult than depicted.

  41. It’s always interesting debating the legitimacy of these shows, but in the end it is an entertainment show and not a documentary and as such some of it is staged. Although the staging is for the benefit of the viewer as much of the things Bear encounters the average explorer might never try. But just in case it does happen to them then at least they have a better chance of surviving it with some sort of knowledge they may have gleaned from the show. Also imagine the insurance nightmare that would ensue if he didn’t have any help!

  42. If you’re watching ‘Man vs. Wild’ frantically taking notes on survival then you’re deluded. It is not a survival show any more than ‘Survivor: Samoa’ is.

    If you’re really interested in learning legitimate survival techniques from a television show then ‘SurvivorMan’ with Les Stroud is your best bet.

    ‘SurvivorMan’ may not be as entertaining to watch, but it’s a lot more educational. And Sometimes fact is more fascinating than fiction.

  43. Well, staged or not, Bear still shares one important thing, that is on how to survive when you are lost in a forest, mountains, etc. He still gives hand-full of information on how to search for food and water, how to create a make-shift raft or shelter. He inspires you to be creative in any survival situation.

    And, why debate over ‘man vs wild’ with ‘survivor man’? They just have different productions and approach, but still they have one common thing and that is to give information on survival.

  44. It is a simple question: TRUTH or LIE about survival skills that could save your life. GRYLLS tell and “teach” you about flashy stupid stuff that will get you killed. Stroud, Canterbury or Ray Mears will help you to SURVIVE.
    If you like a “bug eater” then see those shows like fear factor. At least they dont try to look like a Survival Course. These is shameful of an ex-soldier that should not play these games
    All for the money
    Same shame on Discovery Channel. Both National Gographic and Discovery have lost it for the sake of audience and profit.
    In the end all of us have lost, because those channels where a RESOURCE of knowledge not long ago.
    Thanks Bear for killing the credibility of best resource that “normal people” could use to get a minimun of survival knowledge.
    PLEASE reinforce the real Survival experts and shame on Bear.
    Ex- military sniper

    BTW: It was clarifying the cold response GERBER got at the Shot Show FROM TRUE EXPERTS for the BG knive and the BG appearances at their booth. How many pros came by to say hello and talk to BG ??????

  45. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “largely bogus”, especially when the report specifically informs that it was isolated instances.

  46. like most people here, i am shocked as well.
    but we have to keep in mind that this is a “TV” show.

    and the main point of this show is to learn how to survive out there. it’s not about being a bad ass or fraud or whatever. bear grylls has done lot’s of shit off camera. and he deserves credit for all of those. i wouldn’t blame bear for this, but the producers. Not only do they have to sell the show, but they also have to make sure that the cast and crew are safe.
    Bear is just sharing his knowledge. And if you learned something from his show. the just shut up and enjoy the show.
    we all know he can do all those things if he really needed to anyways.

    peace ya’ll

  47. I dont think Bear Gryll a fraud. I love him. He is really a talented man. He is really a hero. I want to thank ManVsWild show and him. They are doing very well. I will never miss the show. Great Show.

  48. He is real Hero in my life,

    if he is fraud, you belive that’s innocent,

    Bear Gryll is roll model all younger generation, also he was teacher, how he was made mistake/fraud,

    but his heard work and dedicated man, and attraction all viewers,,

  49. Yea, he has help from the crew…every episode i have ever seen he flat out says that he will have help, For instance when he is in the Sierra Nevada, he says that the crew is going to help him with his raft. And yes he has other support…if he didn’t he could very well die doing what he does, what do you think the odds of some one surviving so many of these situations is? there would be no show and it is foolish to believe that it is all 100 percent genuine survivng. it is instructional and that is all…leave the man alone, he is awesome

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