The Louvre is Slightly Safer After Recent Arrests

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French police have arrested a group of Eastern European pickpockets targeting mainly Asian tourists outside of Paris’ most famous monuments. Petty theft is a long-standing problem in Paris, but in recent months it has been especially bad. The situation gained attention after employee strikes this spring and after China demanded the French government work harder to protect its citizens.

The gang was sophisticated, dressing like tourists with cameras around their necks and always paying entrance fees. They worked at Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, the Eiffel Tower and the Chateau de Versailles, reports The Telegraph. Their operation brought in about 2,000 euros a day. Asians were reportedly targeted because they are known for carrying large amounts of cash on them. The group has had such wild success since most of the thefts in Paris go unreported due to language barriers and time restrictions.

Though no details have been released on how the thieves were finally caught, police are warning tourists to continue with caution; more pickpocketers are still working the areas. So embrace your cross-body bags and hang on to your iPhones, people.

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