New LED Glasses Promise to Banish Jet Lag

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A new gadget promises to make jet lag a thing of the past. The Re-Time Jet Lag Glasses look like any other pair of glasses, but are fitted with LED lights that help reduce the effects of an altered body clock.

Developed by a sleep researcher, Re-Time uses no ultra violet radiation, and relies on the blue-green colors emitted by the LEDs to affect changes in the body clock or circadian rhythm, which causes jet lag. They’re portable, inexpensive and battery operated with a single 9-volt battery good for up to 20 hours of use.

It’s not just frequent fliers who can benefit from Re-Time. Those who work on night shifts or are battling winter blues can also use these to set their internal clock straight.

Plus, they look awesome. That is, if you’re into the “Tom Cruise in Minority Report” look or you like trying to convince fellow passengers on the red-eye that you’re from the future.

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