Las Vegas Introduces ‘Hangover Bus’

Time to ride the hangover bus! ©The Daily Mail

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Go ahead and admit it–you went to Vegas to drink away your sorrows and not for the sightseeing. Trouble is, you’ve got a killer hangover from multiple days of drinking.

One Vegas company has just the solution, and claims that your hangover can be cured in only 45 minutes. “Hangover Heaven” is a bus that tours the Strip, picking up “patients” and administering vitamins, medications and amino acid on board. The concept was created by anesthesiologist Jason Burke.

No matter what you drank the night before, if you are feeling like you want to curl up and die the next morning, Hangover Heaven can get you back to feeling good in about 45 minutes, Burke’s website states.

Get ready for your next Vegas vacation and read on at The Daily Mail

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