iZON Remote Room Monitor (closeup)

iZON Remote Room Monitor: Simple, High Tech Home Security for Travelers

Technology has made travel simpler in so many ways. Given that many folks are traveling more often and for longer periods than ever before, it’s perhaps no surprise that a growing subsection of the travel gear niche is in home security.

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We’ve been receiving many more requests for reviews of web-connected, home security products. Case in point: Stem Innovation recently contacted us to check out one such device – the iZON Remote Room Monitor.

iZON Remote Room Monitor (closeup)
iZON Remote Room Monitor

The Skinny

This marketing video gives you the gist:

A few of the touchstone features directly from Stem Innovation:

iZON is an App-based wireless video camera.

iZON lets you see and hear what’s happening in any room, from anywhere in the world with your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

iZON is incredibly easy to setup and use.

iZON can watch and listen for you, alert you when there is motion or noise and even record to a free, private YouTube account ”” automatically!

In Detail

From the video above, it’s clear that the iZON makes for a good nanny. But its home security applications for travelers are obvious.

iZON Remote Room Monitor (iPhone app)
iZON Remote Room Monitor (iPhone app)

Design & Construction

Straight out of the box, there’s a lot to like about the iZON’s construction. It’s small, lightweight, elegantly designed (to blend into any modern home decor), and the adjustable/positionable base allows you to angle and point the camera in almost any direction.


A number of things set the iZON apart from the competition. While many similar video systems allow for viewing the audio/video stream online via the web, the iZON makes the stream available virtually anywhere via a mobile app. This is a real boon for travelers, particularly now when many are leaving their laptops at home in favor of packing only their iPhone/iPad.

Secondly is the ability to record directly to a private YouTube channel. This is quite an ingenious feature. It’s especially useful if you’re traveling somewhere where you may not have constant web access. With the iZON, you can always go back and review video from anytime the camera was activated.

Lastly, we love the fact that you can install up to 200 (!) cameras on the same network. Obviously, unless your house was on MTV Cribs, that’s probably overkill. But the fact is that you can setup a handful of cameras around your home and monitor all of them with the click of a few buttons from virtually anywhere in the world. The future is now folks.

Pricing & Availability

Available now in white directly from Stem Innovation for $129.95.

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