iTwin USB Key (closeup)

iTwin: Ingenious USB Device Lets You Access Your Files Anywhere

Like most flashpackers, we’ve embraced cloud computing with open arms. Online programs like Google Docs and Dropbox have made life as a digital-savvy nomad so much easier. Nowadays we rarely need to worry about which file is on which computer because, with the right software, most everything is stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

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To be frank, we see very few new and truly clever hardware innovations nowadays. Most are poorly executed, “me-too” redubs of previously invented products. But we can safely say that the new iTwin USB device is a completely fresh concept. It’s part cloud storage and part USB storage key … sort of. So when they offered to send us a sample unit to review, we were eager to take it for a test drive.

iTwin USB Storage / Remote Access Key (closeup)
iTwin USB Key

The Skinny

Simply put, iTwin claims their USB key works “like the two ends of a cable, without the cable”. It’s like a personal, ultra-secure cloud that exists only between your two computers. To use:

… plug one half into an online computer, plug the other half into any other online computer & the two computers are connected.

You can then:

View, copy, edit and upload files to and from your remote computer. Data in transit is protected by robust AES-256 encryption. No storage limit.

Pertinent features include:

  • Near-Limitless Capacity Secure USB Drive
  • Remotely edit shared files
  • Backup your data from anywhere
  • One-time cost. No additional fees, ever.
  • Windows and Mac OS X compatible

In Detail

Design & Construction

The design of the iTwin is extremely straightforward – as the above photo indicates, it’s like two USB storage keys daisy-chained together. The build quality is extremely solid, durable, and well-made.

iTwin USB device connected to two computers


Files transferred over iTwin connections are secured with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. Translation: it’s highly unlikely that hackers will be able to access your data.

What’s more: the unit features a “remote disable” function. If you lose one half, you can easily disable the connection between the two halves. Since nothing is actually stored on either half, your data remains safe no matter what.

Ease of Use

In practice, the iTwin functions almost exactly like Windows Explorer (or Mac Finder). Simply plug it in and allow the software to install automatically. From there, specify which files and folders you’d like to be able to access remotely. Your files are now accessible from any online computer in which you plug the remaining half of your iTwin device. We found it to be every bit as simple and reliable as advertised.

Pricing & Availability

Available in Gunmetal Gray or Lime Green for around $100 (USD) direct from

Bottom Line

Consider that a typical 64GB USB flash drive can run north of $100 (USD). For the same price, the iTwin creates a personal cloud with virtually unlimited storage. And, unlike external backup drives, you never risk data loss if your iTwin decides to take a walk. In short: we think these handy little keys would be worth it at twice the price.

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