iSkin earTones: Perfect Earphones for the Dirty Traveler

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In the world of travel gear, headphones are among the most straightforward of gadgets. Users want the highest quality audio in an inexpensive package. We’ve been a fan of iSkin products for sometime now, so it’s no surprise that their shiny new earTones earphones offer both great sound and a very affordable price.

They offer the standard array of iDevice features, including: built-in microphone/remote, wide dynamic audio range and are available in a rainbow of colors (shown above).

Plus, they offer two additional features perfect for travelers. First, the earbuds and microphone control surfaces are coated in MicroBan which “inhibits the growth of odor-, fungus- and stain-causing bacteria on the product.” If, as I do, you tend to beat the wholly hell out of your gear on the road, this is a great feature.

Perhaps more importantly, the earTones earbuds also provide a FlexFit™ flexible fitting. This not only allows for easier placement of the buds within the ear but provides a fit that’s way more comfortable than almost every pair of earphones we’ve ever tested.

Available now for around $40 USD.

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