Fascinating Differences in International Cash Counting [Video]

2009-11-30 VB - Money
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At least some of these demonstrations, especially the Asia-related ones, were confirmed by commenters on Boing Boing. We’ll also testify to having seen the Middle Eastern example once or twice. And the underlying message – that there are regional variations in how people handle paper money – is undeniably true and kind of neat.

But other parts of the video seem wildly implausible. We ran the Russia stuff by a couple of Eastern European natives and came up empty, while the Turkmenistan method is absurd on its face. Although they are very, very crazy in Turkmenistan so who knows.

Take a look at see what you think. We’re inclined to go with “fake but accurate” – fake examples, accurate theme – but maybe you’ve come across some of these.

Of course the whole spectacle begs a more fundamental question: it’s the 21st century, who still uses paper money?

  1. Fantastic video. I was fortunate enough to visit Turkmenistan last year, and yes, that part of the video is indeed true.


  2. I live in Vietnam.
    There are no checking accounts.
    Nobody would know what a check is.
    Few people have debit cards. Very few.
    Cash is a way of life.
    The money is worthless. Prices in millions and Billions.
    People buy houses with suitcases full of cash.
    Or gold.

  3. Whilst in Brazil, I noticed that the kids who ran the boards in illegal taxis held their cash in one fist, with each note folded in half down it’s length, and seperated denominations between knuckles; 2R$ between the index and middle fingers, 10R$ between the middle and ring fingers, and 20R$ between the ring and pinky fingers, á la Wolverine. It meant they had a rapid system of giving change, kept their money always to hand (and not in a pocket where it could be pickpocketed) and still maintained the dexterity of both hands.

    Sometimes realising how different we all are brings people closer together. Thanks.

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