id America Spark Headphones (black and red)

id America Spark Headphones: Lightweight Aluminum Buds Sound Great, Take a Beating

id America Spark Headphones (black and red)

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id America’s latest Spark headphones boast a slick, spark plug-inspired look that gearhead travelers will love. The lightweight, dual-layer aluminum design delivers great sound with solid build quality designed to take a serious beating.

Features include: an inline microphone module with built-in audio controls; precision acoustics through a high performance dynamic driver and special high definition acoustic filter for full, explosive bass, intense mid-range and clear treble frequency; compatibility with iPhone, iPod, iPad and most devices with a 3.5mm jack; and an included leather carrying case to store and protect the buds in your luggage.

Pricing + Availability

Available now in nine color combos for less than $50 USD from (aff) and many premium AV outlets.

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