Human-Like Sculptures Cause Controversy Around the World

Mark Jenkins Installation / Pictoplasma 2011 ©MatiasR

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Artist Mark Jenkins has spent the last few years travelling the world and installing his controversial life-like sculptures. Civilians have been so shocked by his sculptures that they’ve called the ambulance and police to help what they thought were real struggling or dead people.

Perhaps the most controversal installation was in October last year at the Dublin Contemporary 2011 event. Jenkins placed a sculpture of a blonde girl and other figures stepping onto the ledge of a building. The work was installed during Suicide Awareness Week.

“There was some pressure put on me by the the museum and the public that these were in bad taste for this reason, and should be removed, but I didn’t think so,” Mr Jenkins said.

“Suicide is the elephant in the room and putting it out there physically in the open this way in my opinion makes it something to talk about… to pay attention to.”

Jenkins began his street art creations by making tape sculptures and street installations while living in Rio in 2003.

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