Print Your Own Travel Vaccines At Home!

Well, not exactly. The technology’s not here yet, but it’s in the mail. Via Travel Gear Blog:

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HP has announced that they will begin to sell a patch that is placed on your skin, and through tiny needles embedded in the patch, a vaccine will be “printed” into your arm. Since the needles barely penetrate the skin, this new method of vaccination can be considered virtually painless, is being marketed as the world’s first smart delivery system, and can even allow more than one drug to be given.

While still a new idea, the technology is offering a promising start, indicating that it could easily begin to spread worldwide, allowing access to previous doses, and offering pinpoint (pardon the pun) control over the amount of the dosage as well as the timing. If the timing of the drug can be controlled, this leads to speculation that a user could wear the patch throughout their day, while the patch gives off prescribed doses of a drug.

William Gibson, eat your heart out.

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