Horse Travel: The Story of Rural America

With a film maker and website operator in tow, an Oregon rancher is riding cross-country on his trusted 16 year old steed to show the world the real America.

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Uncovering America on Horseback

Forty-eight year old Bill Inman and his wife Brenda were so tried of the daily newscasts depicting wars, deaths and crimes that they decided something needed to be done to familiarize Americans with their heritage. They pooled their life savings and embarked on a cross country journey — Bill on Blackie while Brenda drives ahead in a pickup stocked with provisions, water and a horse trailer. Together they plan to show the real side of America — honest, hard working people like themselves in the midst of all the crime and suffering so favored by the media.

Inman has already covered Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Missouri, Tennessee and North Carolina are on the horizon. Along the way he’s met some quirky characters including a Dodge City man who collects barbed wire. But most of his experiences have been with people like himself who form such a vital but forgotten part of the country’s social fabric — ranchers and people who work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

The couple doesn’t have any big name sponsors, and figure the journey will personally cost them over $45,000. They rely on the kindness of strangers for a place to camp or a meal. Sponsorships are always welcome, of course, although the Inmans don’t regret funneling their savings into this project. For them, it’s worth every cent riding around the country and meeting the people that make the country tick. Plans are underway to convert their travels into a book and a documentary film is also in the works.

Their website, Uncovering America by Horseback, chronicles their journey.

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