The Humble Umbrella Goes High Tech: WiFi, Built-In Camera, Espresso Maker

Okay, not specifically travel related, but flashpackers will love this one …

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Mary Poppins would have been more than impressed. A new high tech umbrella that allows you to take pictures with an built-in digital camera as you’re sauntering along, promises to extricate the umbrella from its fuddy duddy image and give it some high tech appeal.

You can snap pictures with the camera in your open umbrella, and you don’t even have to wait till you get out of the downpour to watch the results of your efforts — simply upload the photos to your Flickr account, and instantly watch them on a screen on the umbrella by just a flick of your wrist. Literally.

Made in Tokyo, the Pileus Wi-Fi Camera Umbrella also boasts a GPS and a digital compass. And this is only the first version. Expect more high tech gadgetry added if this model takes off.

FYI: it’s already sold out.

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