GoalZero: Rock Out 2 Water Resistant Speaker

Goal Zero Rock Out 2: A Rugged Portable Speaker Built for Life on the Road

GoalZero: Rock Out 2 Water Resistant Speaker

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Goal Zero is best known for their rugged, ultraportable solar power solutions – great for backpackers and travelers visiting far-flung destinations with little/no access to the grid. It’s no surprise that we included their Guide 10 Plus Mobile solar kit among our 2012 Holiday Gear Guide.

Not content to be a “one trick pony”, GZ has branched out into the portable audio market with the release of their Rock Out speakers. And there’s a lot to like about the latest addition to the line – the Rock Out 2. It’s a step-up from earlier models primarily due to the improved sound, 20 hours of playback on a single charge, exterior controls, and a bigger internal pocket to protect this year’s larger smartphones.

Of particular note for travelers is the rugged outer shell that protects the speaker and phone during any kind of outside adventure. Plus the battery gets fully charged in just 2 hours via USB or 3 hours in the sun with a GoalZero solar panel.

Check out the sleek overview video:

Pricing + Availability

Available now in five colors for around $60 (USD) directly from Goal Zero or Amazon.com (aff).

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