Glass Falls Off Shangri-La Hotel Once Again

Shangri-La Toronto © Wylie Poon

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When I return to Toronto I’ll be keeping a safe distance from the sidewalks below the Shangri-La Hotel. I’m already known to be a magnet for catastrophe — it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if I met my maker by being struck by lightning or being clobbered by a falling piano — and the glass panels on the balconies of this hotel have apparently developed the mysterious habit of plunging earthward.

The third such incident in a year, a glass panel came off and fell to the ground on November 24th. Thankfully no one was hurt this time, or when the same thing happened in January. Unfortunately, a man was injured by a piece of glass that fell of the high-rise in September.

City officials and the building’s management have thoroughly inspected the glass on a regular basis and are at a loss to come up with an explanation for how the glass is coming loose from the building

Find out more about this from CBC News

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