Geneva Model XS Portable High-End Sound System

Geneva Model XS: High End Sound System “Disguised” as a Travel Alarm Clock

Before they reached out to us, we admittedly had never heard of Geneva Lab. Our ignorance aside, the Swiss company has evidently been building award-winning, high end portable sound systems for years. One look at their product catalog and we were in love.

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So when they offered to let us take their latest, ultra-portable Model XS for a spin, who were we to say no?

Geneva Model XS Portable High-End Sound System

The Skinny

Geneva bills the Model XS as “Bluetooth, FM, Alarm Clock, Speakers, Amplifier. All-in-one. The world’s first portable true high fidelity audio system that was inspired by a classic travel clock design.”

Features include:

  • The Geneva Model XS is the first hi-fi system to be integrated into a case designed for the travel lifestyle
  • Once opened, a compact yet powerful hi-fi system is revealed, with a digital amplifier and stereo speakers that play mid and high frequencies with absolute accuracy, and a woofer capable of producing robust bass response below 80Hz
  • Features an integrated digital FM tuner and stereo Bluetooth playback for wirelessly streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as iPad, iPhone, and other smartphones and tablets; 3.5mm line-in cable also included
  • Includes a water resistant leather wrapped clamshell case design that opens and closes for easy portability
  • Built with 2 tweeters, 1 square subwoofer, FM radio, alarm clock, DPS for optimized sound, rechargeable lithium battery

Geneva Sound System Model XS (red)

In Detail

Fans of European design will immediately appreciate the ultra clean lines of the Model XS. The simple, form-follows-function design is reminiscent of such post-modern sci-fi classics as 2001: A Space Odyssey. What’s more, it’s available in three striking colors: black, white, or red. In short, it’s just a sexy bit of travel kit.

The exterior is constructed of water-resistant leather and feels plenty rugged enough to stand up to the rigors of daily travel. Just close up the clamshell case, toss it in your bag, and forget about it.

We’re thrilled that Bluetooth is finding its way into just about every mobile device nowadays. Wireless capability is almost de rigueur in everything from headphones to alarm clocks. And that’s yet another reason we love the Model XS. Set it up on the hotel nightstand and you’re free to roam about your room, phone in hand, streaming your music collection wirelessly through its built-in Bluetooth capability. If you’re an old school sort, there’s also a line-in port to connect any kind of external audio source.

Yeah, yeah … but how does it sound? In short: exactly like you’d expect a mini $250 sound system to sound. We won’t pretend to be audiophiles here at Vagabondish, but we know what we like. The XS provides crisp, deep sound, rich enough to fill a standard hotel room. Even with a volume range of 0-100, we found 40 was just about right. Considering the unit’s incredible compact form factor (just 6.2″ × 4″ × 4.5″ when opened), it sounds surprisingly good.

Pricing & Availability

Available now in black, white, or red for $250 USD.

Bottom Line

Let’s be honest: at $250, the Model XS is not for everyone. But for travelers who simply can’t live without a great way to listen to their tunes while on the road, the Model XS more than delivers.

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