Une Bobine: The All-in-one iPhone Charger/Sync/Stand/Dock Cable for Travelers

It’s getting harder these days to find truly unique travel gear. And even more so to find bits of minimalist travel kit that pull double or even triple duty.

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Which is what we really dig about the new Une Bobine for the iPhone. It’s billed as an all-in-one charge/sync/stand/dock cable.


What we love most about the Une Bobine is its simplicity. On paper, it’s not too much more than a fancy cable. But the designers were clever enough to replace the standard flimsy cord with a stiff, durable metal cable. This means a few great things for travelers.

First and most important for solo travelers is that the cable can actually double as a stand. Simply coil it loosely on the ground or any nearby object, drop your iPhone into the top, and you have a reliable stand to snap self-portraits to your heart’s content.

Secondly, for road trippers, simply add Fuse Chicken’s car adapter kit and you have a reliable dash mount+charger combo for your iPhone. Since you’re probably using it as your GPS these days (you don’t still have a separate GPS unit, do you?), the Une Bobine guarantees it’ll stay fully charged and in place right where you need it.

Lastly, if you’re going to pack a charger cable or two for your iPhone anyway, why not replace one of those with a cable that actually pulls triple duty? Especially when it won’t run you much more than $30 (USD)?

Pricing + Availability

Available now for around $35 (USD) directly from FuseChicken.

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