Flipside RFID-Protected Wallet [First Look]

Flipside RFID-Shielded Wallet

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The next wave of digital information storage/transmission is already here: it’s called RFID. It stands to reason that the next wave of information theft will be in the form of RFID “snooping”.

The new Flipside Wallet:

… takes elements of the traditional bi-fold wallet and advances them to address new interests in security, durability, functionality, and style.

Strong but flexible polymer construction, intuitive and easy to use design, automatic locking for secure containment of items, and the ability to shield your credit cards from Radio Frequency Identification Theft, or “RFID Theft” make the Flipside Wallet one of the most secure, stylish wallets you will ever use.

“Stylish” is of course a subjective term, but it should at the very least allow you to stay one step ahead of the high tech bad guys. Plus, the whole concept is so very James Bond.

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