Flight Attendant Accused of Sneaking Rats on Flights

Rats © Matthieu Aubry

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Not only is the idea of rats on a plane shudderingly horrifying, it’s also incredibly dangerous, so it is a serious matter that a flight attendant has been accused of smuggling pet rats aboard an international flight by hiding them in her underwear.

Colleagues of animal lover Louann Biambattista have said that they saw suspicious bulges in the flight attendant’s clothing during a flight from St. Martin to Miami. A thorough search of her person and belongings upon arrival in Miami did not find any animals.

Giambattista is now suing her employer, American Airlines, over the “absurd” allegations that she claims has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder because she was blacklisted and subjects to various forms of stressful and humiliating scrutiny every time she passed through customs and that this made it nearly impossible to do her job.

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