Flickr Introduces a Page for Every Place in the World

Flickr has taken its tagline of being “the eyes of the world” one step further, with its new Places feature. Something of a virtual and limitless photo gallery from around the world, Places features pictures of news events that are happening around the globe, taken by its geo-tagging members.

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Flickr Places

Places features an interactive interface and a global map with prompts wherever there are new photos for you to see. So click on “Thanksgiving Day Parade” and you’ll immediately get a bunch of pictures of Macy’s famous parade. Click on IFFI to be transported to the International Film Festival of India that just kicked off in Goa. Click on “Cute Butts” and immediately be ”¦ well, this one has a few pictures of derrières including a squirrel’s posterior. But you get the picture.

There’s even a user friendly photo ribbon — a strip of all the pictures for that place in miniature providing a broad view of what you can expect to see up close in each shot. Great fun, very addictive and a cool way to keep in touch with what’s happening in the rest of the world as it happens through the eyes of the people who live there.

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