Emirati Hotties Deported from Saudi for Excessive Good Looks

This man in Abu Dhabi may be handsome, but not so handsome that his face cannot be shown © Visit Abu Dhabi

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Handsome men take heed. Apparently you can be ejected from Saudi Arabia for being dangerously good looking.

Three men were deported from Saudi Arabia for being so good looking that they pose a danger to society. The men were part of a cultural festival in Janadriyah where they were members of a delegation promoting the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia’s religious police decided that they were so handsome that their good looks could corrupt women. The men were removed from the festival and later put on a plane to Abu Dhabi.

If one must be deported from a country, this is about as good a reason as could be hoped for. In fact, being deported for excessive handsomeness is a claim that most men, even Chuck Norris or The Most Interesting Man in the World, would love to have. No photos were issued of the men in question, so no doubt thousands of men will now claim to have been involved in this bizarre case.

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