El Naturalista N210 Meteo Mens Travel Shoe

El Naturalista Meteo: Versatile, Urban+Adventure Men’s Shoes for the Style-Conscious Traveler

I only travel with two pairs of shoes tops, ideally one if I can manage it. So I’m notoriously picky about my kicks. They have to be comfortable, stylish, packable, rugged and (perhaps most importantly) versatile. This all might seem obvious but it’s a tall order to find all of these attributes in one’s footwear.

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El Naturalista N210 Meteo Mens Travel Shoe

Since I’ve been in the market for a new pair of sneakers and Mrs. Vagabondish is so fond of her own El Naturalista shoes, I decided it was time to try a pair of my own. Their latest Meteo collection of leather sneakers and high tops seemed most appropriate. The entire line features a combination of natural rubber outsoles (for comfort) and uppers constructed of antique leather which is waxed and mineral tanned (for style and versatility).

I opted for the Meteo N210. After a few days of testing, I’ve found them to be lightweight and extremely comfortable. The look is like Euro-hipster meets wide 90s skater shoe, but I dig it. They straddle the line between casual sneaker (for hiking or tooling around your next urban destination) and incognito, casual dress shoe (depending on how high society you like to travel of course).

Our only beef is the price which runs a bit steep at north of $160 USD. Budget travelers may scoff at the bottom line here, but we’ve long been fans of paying a little more for top quality gear that’ll outlast other “value” options.

Pricing + Availability

Available now in 8 distinct colors for around 125€ directly from El Naturalista.

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