Drunk Scots Make RyanAir Flight Even More Miserable (Yes, It’s Possible)

© Aurelijus ValeiÅ¡a

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A RyanAir flight scheduled from Glasgow to Ibiza was forced to make an emergency landing at Beauvais airport outside of Paris, reports news.com.au.

A group of Scots who had bought duty-free alcohol at the Glasgow airport decided to start partying on the flight to Ibiza. Apparently the pilot didn’t appreciate the commotion caused by their sauced-up dancing and decided to re-route to Beauvais to throw the sixteen passengers involved off of the plane. RyanAir filed an official complaint against the passengers, who may end up facing charges. Could the dancing really have been that bad?

The remaining passengers eventually left Beauvais airport to continue on to Ibiza, where the party scene has slightly more fame than RyanAir’s planes.

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