Drug Smugglers’ Latest Tool: The WonderBra

Drug Smuggling Bra

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Drug smugglers go to great lengths to deceive customs officers, and the ingenious ways they devise to smuggle cocaine never fail to astound. Now, they have zeroed in on a new method, and it involves stacking ”¦ er ”¦ stashing pouches of the drug in women’s bras. It supposedly works extra beautifully on flat chested women, who don’t arouse much suspicion when they walk by in a bra that has been lifted by a few pouches of coke.

This new method came to light when British customs officers found close to 50,000 pounds worth of cocaine stashed in a woman’s bra. It isn’t clear how the drug ring was “busted” (Get it? Seriously, we’re here all week), but apparently the stuff can only be detected through a scanner or strip search.

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