Death Valley Rangers Simmering Over Pavement Egg Frying

A beautiful day in Death Valley with no eggs in sight © jesse?

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It’s seen so often that it’s become a cliche. A television program will visit a really hot place and to show you how hot it is, the presenter whips out an egg and amazed onlookers behold the sight of it beginning to cook in the blazing heat.

The thing is, that’s all that ever happens. The egg begins to cook. That’s it. It won’t fully cook, and you’re left with a mostly raw egg that is of no use to anyone. Just ask the staff at Death Valley National Park. Death Valley’s Furnace Creek holds the record for the hottest place on Earth.

Lots of visitors have been inspired to get in on this egg-frying experiment, especially now that everyone’s a broadcaster these days, and that’s made things very messy. Park rangers and visitors alike are dismayed to find egg shells and cartons strewn about, and slimy eggs left oozing on the pavement to rot in the scorching heat, and park staff are fed up with having to clean up after visitors’ abandoned failed experiments.

So chew on that for awhile before you crack out your next cliche.

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