Cow Brains Seized By Egyptian Officials

Luxor Airport ©s_w_ellis

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Four hundred and twenty pounds of frozen cow brains were confiscated at Cairo International Airport on Friday. The brains were transported in freezer boxes on a flight from Khartoum, Sudan. The three Sudanese travelers transporting the brains had planned to sell them to Egyptian restaurants, authorities said.

This was the fourth time this week that customs officers in Egypt have caught smugglers attempting to bring cow brains into the country illegally. The influx of smuggling is due to simple supply and demand–a pound of raw cow brains costs less than a dollar in Sudan but can be sold over the border in Egypt for six times as much.

Restaurants specializing in cow brains are popular in Egypt. Usually the brains are deep fried and eaten with a spicy red sauce in pita bread. Sounds delicious…

Read more at MSNBC

  1. Hi, nice article. Just wanted to point out the sign in this picture actually reads “Luxor Airport” :)

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