Chicago’s “Back to the Future” Coffeeshop Pays Homage to All Things ’80s

DeLorean at The Wormhole Coffeeshop, Chicago
DeLorean at The Wormhole Coffeeshop, Chicago ©

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Chicago’s brandy new Wormhole Coffeeshop boasts a lifesize replica of the “Back to the Future” DeLorean. That claim to fame aside, it’s a dream for children of the ’80s:

… the Wormhole isn’t just a “Back to the Future” coffee bar – it’s a 1980’s pop culture explosion. Artifacts are everywhere – a “Top Gun” poster, “Star Wars” action figures, an Atari 100. But most important – the coffee is top notch. The owners recruited baristas from other local spots, and they’re brewing Metropolitan coffee among other local blends.

Marcus Leshock reported on this rad little joint:

Any place that adds espresso to Cocoa Puffs is A-OK in my book. Mocha Puffs? Seriously??? Pure genius!

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