CHARGECARD Compact Travel Charger (iPhone)

CHARGECARD: The Ultra-Compact, Wallet-Friendly Charging “Cable” for Travelers

CHARGECARD Compact Travel Charger (iPhone)

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Sure, the standard charging cable that shipped with your smartphone is not particularly “bulky”. But after a few hours in your luggage, it’s guaranteed to be a tangled mess. The new CHARGECARD from NOMAD aims to solve that problem. It’s an ultra-compact (read: about the size of two credit cards stacked), travel-friendly charging “cable” that never needs untangling. It’s nothing complicated: just a simple, elegant solution to a perennial problem for flashpackers. And we’re thoroughly digging ours!

Pricing + Availability

Available now in iPhone and MicroUSB versions for $25 USD directly from NOMAD.

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