CEP Compression Men's Recover+ Merino Travel Socks
CEP Compression Men's Recover+ Merino Travel Socks

Why You Need These Socks for Your Next Long-haul Flight

Compression socks are for diabetics and old people.

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That was my rather ignorant belief for the last decade. And it’s not entirely inaccurate.

But, when a few travel friends reported cases of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after long-haul flights, I began to understand the need for such socks.

DVT is a serious condition that’s an equal opportunity attacker, meaning it doesn’t much care how good a shape you’re in. Worst case scenario: blood clots in your veins can break loose, travel through your bloodstream and lodge in your lungs, blocking blood flow (pulmonary embolism).

So, yeah. I don’t want that.

Which is why, when CEP Compression reached out to me and offered to send a pair of Recovery+ Merino Socks, I figured it was time to check them out for myself.

CEP Compression Men's Recover+ Merino Travel Socks
CEP Compression Men’s Recovery+ Merino Travel Socks

The Skinny

In short, CEP promises rather succinctly that their Recovery+ Socks will help you:

Regain your power from nature. For all athletes for recovery, daily use and travel.

The Traveler’s Take

It’s easy to imagine that there isn’t much to write about socks. Because … they’re socks.

But, it turns out that CEP packs an awful lot of technology into every pair. And all of it is great for, not just athletes, but travelers too. For one, the fabric blend (74% Polyamid, 15% Merino Wool, 11% Elastan) is ridiculously soft and comfortable. You haven’t lived until you’ve worn merino wool. (Seriously, go out now and change at least half your wardrobe to merino. You’ll thank me later.)

More importantly, the Elastan band means they stay exactly where they’re supposed to be on your leg without falling down or wearing too tight. This is part of what makes the Recovery+ socks so effective and important for travelers. They’re crucial for anyone who travels long distances and must remain seated for long periods of time. When movement is constrained, blood circulation to the legs is restricted causing heavy legs, leg pain, swollen feet and ankles, and even blood clots (the previously mentioned DVT). The socks help reduce the pain and swelling caused by long travel days and also increase circulation in the legs and feet.

On a technical level, CEP describes it as: “media compression and SMART INFRARED technology that work together to improve circulation down to the capillary level.” While the Vagabondish lab is not equipped to scientifically prove this, we can confirm that the socks are very comfortable and very snug (both of which you want in compression socks).

A few more reasons to love these socks: they’re antibacterial with serious odor-reducing properties. Their durability means, when the time does come to wash them, they can be thrown in the washer and even machine dried (on low, of course).

Pricing and Availability

The Men’s Recovery+ Merino Socks are available in black for around $60 USD directly from CEP Compression and from Amazon.

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