Cell Phone Jammer Promises the Gift of Silence

Annoying ring tones getting on your nerves? The powerful sounding T1000 has the power to jam all cell phones in your immediate vicinity. Built to resemble a cell phone (albeit one from 1995), the gadget will block all cellular phone signals within a 10 foot radius, including text messages. All calls will be terminated when you switch the gadget on, and services will resume as normal when you switch it off.

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Sounds simple, and could be a really nifty thing to use at the movies, or anywhere else you want not to hear another ringing cell phone. And with EU countries allowing mobile phone call services on flights, there are going to be more places a jammer would come in really handy. With the cell phone-like design camouflaging your devious intentions, there’s no chance anyone will suspect anything other than poor signal.

Devilish, but the possibilities for misuse seem too large to ignore.

  1. Yes please. If they’re legal, I’ll have one. Or two. Perhaps cellphones in the air won’t survive the ‘jammer’… for those of us who actually think this is a BAD thing.

  2. A little ironic as far as the aviation end of things goes; I assume that this sort of device is MUCH more likely to cause “harmful interference” with the actual communications and radio equipment of a plane than a cell phone would. Cell phones surely go through much more rigorous compliance checks than a wide-band phone jammer.

    Who knows, though? Maybe it would be worth the risk to get a little silence when you’re stuck in the middle seat next to an annoying cell phone gabber on a plane. :)

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