Case Logic DCB308 SLR Camera Sling

Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling: So Long, Daypack! You Won’t Be Missed [Review]

Over the years, I’ve gone through backpacks once every six months or so. And every successive bag is (thankfully) smaller than the last. Which is how I came to find myself on the hunt for a sling bag – they’re typically a step down in capacity from a traditional daypack. But a good sling balances the drop in size with a healthy amount of portability (and usually comfort).

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So I reached out to (a company we’ve loved working with for the past two years) with a request to check out the Case Logic DCB-308 Camera Sling.

Case Logic DCB308 SLR Camera Sling

Here’s what I found …

The Skinny

In Case Logic’s own words, the DCB308 offers:

  • Designed to fit SLR camera with standard zoom lens attached or DSLR with grip (when stored vertically)
  • Side-entry compartment provides quick access to your camera and accessories while wearing the sling
  • Adjustable divider system provides customizable organization for additional lens, flash or other camera accessories
  • Unzip side pocket, slide your tripod inside, and secure it at the top with the adjustable buckle (serves as additional accessory storage when not using a tripod)
  • Internal zippered pocket on side flap stores extra memory cards, filter, or lens cloth
  • Weather hood fits snugly over the bag to protect from the elements (when not in use, roll into its stuff sack for storage)
  • Generous, front zippered pocket provides organization for additional camera or non-camera accessories
  • Upper compartment stores extra accessories
  • Innovative strap management system keeps excess strap material rolled up, secured in place and out of your way
  • Padded shoulder strap with adjustable sternum strap keeps sling secure during activity

The Traveler’s Take

The first thing I like about the DCB-308 is the size. At 15.75 x 7.5 x 9.75 inches and less than 3 pounds, it’s remarkably portable. As a minimalist traveler, it’s paramount that my luggage fits the most amount of gear in the smallest possible space.

This becomes a special challenge with camera bags which typically feature a large amount of thick padding. The DCB-308 strikes an excellent balance between the two. The integrated padding is perfectly proportioned – substantial enough that you’re not terrified of opening your bag to find shattered lenses, but minimal enough that the pack is lightweight and ultra-portable.

Case Logic DCB308 SLR Camera Sling

There’s plenty of room in the dedicated bottom compartment for a DLSR with an attached zoom lens, plus 1 other zoom lens OR 2 smaller/prime lenses. An additional zippered pouch in the flap keeps memory cards, spare batteries and other loose bits organized.

Likewise, the top compartment stores everything else – snacks, headphones, passport, boarding passes, etc. Overall, this is a compact bag ideal for travelers with a penchant for packing more photography gear than the average consumer. If you’re a pro photographer however or simply one who needs multiple tripods, eight lenses, four backup batteries, etc. at all times, then this isn’t the bag for you.

After eschewing my traditional daypack in favor of this sling configuration, I can never go back. It’s more comfortable, less obtrusive and less noticeable (I’m looking at you, camera thieves!) than a backpack. Plus, there’s the added feature of being able to swing it around my body at a moment’s notice to quickly retrieve a new lens, memory card or … Clif Bar.

Pricing & Availability

Available now directly from eBags for approximately $60 (USD).

Founding Editor
  1. I have bought this bag and love it for what I use it for, being able to pull the bag to your front while wearing it is so useful that I don’t use anything else for my camera work and it is comfortable enough to wear all day also.

  2. While I can appreciate a new entry into this category, I believe it is important to note one of the first to the race.

    The Manfrotto Agile V sling bag… it’s been around for at least 3 years. I have had mine for about as long. Really the only complaint I have with this style of bag is that the shoulder strap is not configurable. It will only sling over your right shoulder– so depending on the weight of camera gear you’ve got… it can get extremely tiring lugging it around all day.

    While I can’t speak for the case logic pack– I can tuck at least 3 different lenses, plus camera body, plus a bunch of different accessories into the Manfrotto bag. This is due to nifty, adjustable pads that allow a lot of internal space customization. The Agile V also appears to more securely hold a tripod…

    Anyway, the bags look comparable and for the price the caselogic seems like a steal.

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