Cape Town Hotel Encourages Staff to Sing While They Work

Snow White’s industrious and diminutive companions may have been on to something with their viewpoint on whistling while you work, at least a hotelier in South Africa seems to agree with them.

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Best Western Cape Suites Hotel is becoming famous for its singing housekeepers. When the property’s general manager started two years ago, she found that she loved to hear the housekeepers singing while they went about their work, and encouraged them.

Nowadays it has become a tradition and, whenever it’s not raining, guests at the Cape Town hotel can hear the staff sing songs in Xhosa as they make their way to the reception area at the beginning of their shift and again when it’s time to return to their department. The singing has brought a joyful atmosphere to the property and guests are often inspired by this slice of local culture to join in and sing along.

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