World’s First “Building in Motion” Moving Forward in Dubai

Eccentric architecture can be a good thing and, like any work of art, can be received a number of ways by the public. In Dubai, plans to break ground on architect David Fisher’s “first building in motion,” the Dynamic Tower, are being made to materialize in the coming weeks. The design of the tower is built around self-sufficiency, with each floor moving independently from one another and strategic solar paneling as well as wind turbine power. The idea is to harness the effect of a 360 degree view from constantly rotating floors, which creates an organic structure that is always changing shape.

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Interesting? Perhaps for Dubai, where experimental architecture is widespread and massive amounts of money float into building such projects. Fisher, however, is already in the process of planning a similar building for Moscow and has expressed desire for a New York City skyscraper as well.

Aside from the obvious critique of the buildings becoming tourist traps, making it uncomfortable for potential residents, are these really, uh, necessary? In a time when the world economy is sipping food through a straw, should we really be spending extravagant amounts of money on experimental “green” projects? How much concrete will this building require? What is the carbon cost of erecting it?

Another obvious question is where could it go in NYC? Fisher was in town this week discussing plans and scouting potential sites. Could a building that has the potential to become a beautiful, morphing piece of art (or an unnecessary eyesore) replace Coney Island?

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